Marvin Lipofsky: A Glass Odyssey
July 19 - October 12, 2003

The 2003 retrospective catalogue by the Oakland Museum of California


Marvin Lipofsky: A Journey in Glass
by Paul McKenna © 2003
18 minutes

Glass Art Society Oral History, 2009
Interview conducted by Brad Turner

Resident Artist at the Museum of Glass in Tacoma Washington
July 11-17, 2007


Glasscaster Interview #14 (iTunes)
The Studio Glass Movement: Through the Eyes of Marvin Lipofsky
Interview by Marcie Davis, Published July 7, 2010

Corning Museum of Glass Meet the Artist (iTunes)
Series conducted by Tina Oldknow, Curator of Contemporary Glass, July 2007

Interview With Marvin Lipofsky (transcript)
Smithsonian Archives of American Art
Nanette L. Laitman Documentation Project For Craft and Decorative Arts in America
Conducted by Paul Karlstrom at the Artist's home in Berkeley, California
July 30-31, and August 5, 2003


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